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What is A Bianchi Champion?

Shooting Sports USA, September 2008 "… Koo has become a staple each year at the Columbia range during the week leading up to Memorial Day, the time when the championship is usually held. The year was 1997 when she first completed. Since then she’s either won or been near the top of the woman’s category every year…" Download Full Article

NRA Bianchi Cup 2008

American Rifleman, September 2008 "To be called a champion of the NRA Action Pistol Championships, popularly known as the NRA Bianchi Cup, one must endure many factors. To fully understand this, it’s necessary to look at competitors of the past and present. There are people like Vera Koo. She was a 61-year-old California native going into the 2008 NRA Bianchi Cup. Koo was already a seven-time Bianchi Cup Women’s Champion when she arrived at the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club’s Chapman Academy Range outside Columbia, Mo., for th 2008 Championship. To get into the mindset of Koo is difficult. She always asks not to be interviewed until after ...