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What does renowned shooter Vera Koo bring along to the range?

NRA Blog.com, July 2013 "Vera Koo has been shooting competitively for almost 20 years in IPSC, Steel Challenge, Colorado Man-on-Man Shoot-Offs, Master’s 3-Guns, Bullseye and Action Pistol. Sponsored by Aimpoint, Vihtavuori, Lapua, Caspian and Briley, she has specialized in Action Pistol for the past 10 years, claiming the Bianchi women’s title eight times. Her cool demeanor, combined with her West Coast/ Bay Area charm and Zen-like personality, make her an icon in the shooting world." Download Full Article

What I’m doing now – my recovery

So there’s a question I’ve been answering a lot recently. What am I doing now? It’s been nearly three months since my accident. To be honest, I have been doing nothing. I have been sleeping, eating, and doing physical therapy. I am eating thousands of calories a day to try to gain back my strength and weight, while trying to maintain the mental strength on my road to recovery. I had so much pain this week that I’m actually starting to doubt if I’m recovering properly. So now, my recovery is being impeded by my anxiety and fears. I haven’t been on any pain killers since I left Missouri but I’m finding that I cannot sleep due to the pain. ...

Competing against myself for Bianchi 2014

When I was crawling to my car hand over hand, with my leg dangling beside me, and the rain coming down, I knew that I wasn’t going to make it to the Bianchi Cup. I had no emotion. It wasn’t disappointed or angry. I knew that I had been ready. I knew I’d been ready to compete. But I had no emotion. I didn’t think about anguish or regret or anger or sadness. I look back now and wonder why. But I just had to accept it. I knew that I would be back. But now I look back and think, is god sending me a message? A question? Am I hearing it right? Am I not supposed to be there? Am I not supposed to compete? He will let me know. This lesson, the ...