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Shooting Champion Vera Koo joins Women’s Outdoor News

By Vera Koo, Women's Outdoor News, October 22, 2014 She’s a warrior. She’ll tell you what that means to her in her first column at Women’s Outdoor News (The WON). Vera Koo, professional competition shooter, describes her rise to the top of the shooting world, her recent fall (which included a spiral fracture of her right fibula and tibia last spring) and her fortitude to pick herself up, heal and start training again. Go To Full Article

Vera Koo: How to become a champion shooter

By Vera Koo, Women's Outdoor News, October 22, 2014 There is no real formula for becoming a champion. What works for me is focus and a single mindedness that sometimes causes people to think I am aloof. I am hard on myself and do not want to fail. Becoming a champion shooter, especially at the Bianchi Cup, the premier competition held every May in Columbia, Mo., is not unlike being a warrior. Every single time I face the challenge of competition it is like I am preparing for battle. I see myself as a general, preparing strategy and anticipating the enemy, which in most cases, is me. Go To Full Article | Translations:  日文 Japanese - ...