Thank you for visiting Vera’s site. At the age of 70, Vera Koo is both a national and world titleholder in the sport of Action Pistol Shooting.

This is the story of a petite Chinese-American woman, a wife, a mother of three grown children and grandmother to five beautiful little girls.

Since the beginning of the NRA National Action Pistol Championships (Bianchi Cup), only three (or four) have been celebrated as Top Woman Champions no more than four times. Vera is the first and only woman in the history of Bianchi Cup to win eight National Top Woman Titles and two World Titles, also being the first woman to place in the overall top 20 at the 2001 NRA Bianchi Cup.

Vera is currently competing in the regular Women’s category, as well as the Senior/Super Senior category, in which she competes against only male shooters. As one of the elite female athletes in the growing sport, Vera enjoys mentoring young shooters as she continues to compete at the highest level. Follow her website for updates about her shooting, her blog, her upcoming book, and her appearances.

About Vera

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About Vera

“ Even though I have spent the past twenty years perfecting my ability, from the speed of my draw and the agility of going prone to the measured breathing and clearing my mind before I pull the trigger, even my most basic skills could detriorate without continued practice. ”