Vera Koo

Vera Koo is a first-generation Chinese American woman. She’s a wife and mother, author, entrepreneur, and retired competition shooter. She’s made her home on the West Coast but is an avid traveler, food lover, and patron of the arts. Vera’s first book and memoir, The Most Unlikely Champion, recounts the stories of her life with tremendous introspection and emotional clarity.

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Vera’s story is more than that of a petite Asian woman becoming a top competitor in the male-dominated sport shooting world. It’s the story of a Chinese immigrant – raised in a traditional Chinese culture, where women deferred to their husbands and kept to their socio-economic class – who succeeded in America. Vera is a successful businesswoman, an accomplished athlete, and a loving wife and mother. It was never an “either-or” for Vera; it’s about meeting life’s challenges head-on with dogged persistence, grace, humility, and … humor.


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A 5-year (and counting!) collection of posts from “Vera Koo” – the column penned by Vera, and published by Women’s Outdoor News. Soon to be a book, title coming soon.

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