Vera Koo: My Faith In God

  • May 7, 2017

By Vera Koo, Women’s Outdoor News, May, 2017

This is Vera Koo’s fourth column in a 6-part series that is inspired by the writings in her memoir, which will be published later this year. Vera is known throughout the shooting industry as a gracious woman who exudes class and kindness. In this post, Vera explains how she found peace and the will to live after a tragedy in her life, through God and Christianity. Although Women’s Outdoor News is not a religiously based publication, we have long respected Vera Koo and we appreciate her willingness to share this poignant life story. ~Barbara Baird

I didn’t grow up a religious person. For most of my life, I had no relationship with God or Jesus Christ. That changed 23 years ago, when I was left searching for answers and support after enduring the most painful moment of my life.

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