In this review from Online Book Club, Reshma R 3 notes that luck favors the prepared, and Vera Koo has always been prepared. Continuing reading to find out why Reshma gives this book 4 out of 4 stars.

Luck favors the prepared. Vera Koo sternly believes that being prepared for any challenge you take part in is essential. She has also proven it right by becoming an eight-time winner in the women’s division of the Bianchi Cup. Born in Hong Kong and coming from a conservative background, where it is the utmost priority of women to take care of family, Vera Koo has certainly turned out as The Most Unlikely Champion. Vera has written the book with the help of writer Justin Pahl.

The book is a memoir of Vera Koo’s life and the struggles on her path to success. The memoir addresses various problems – professional and personal. Vera Koo is a sport shooter, a sport that is yet considered a man’s game. However, this did not throw Vera off her goals and she pursued it for her personal development and grew to love it. Vera states that she doesn’t take any mocks personally. This has helped her maintain composure and prove herself in the field of sport shooting. The book vividly describes troubles that Vera faced in her course of picking up sport shooting and later going on to competitions. She also talks about how shooting is therapeutic for her and serves as a place to escape when she needs a break.

I liked the narration. The book goes back and forth between Vera’s past and present and mentions lessons she learned during each period. Vera Koo has gone through troubles in various phases of her life. A constant reaction would be that she always gets back up no matter what. I found this motivating since we all need to learn how to assess the struggles in our life and keep moving forward with the lessons learned.

I couldn’t find much to dislike about the book. A few of the points were repetitive. However, I believe this provides an emphasis on the message being conveyed.

The book is exceptionally well-edited and I couldn’t catch any errors throughout the read. I rate the book a perfect 4 out of 4 stars. It would be a good read for women since it shows a good point of view of what it is to be in a man’s world. I also feel it is perfect for anyone looking for spirituality or meaning in life. The book also portrays an image of God and his influence. This could be off-putting for readers who are averse to such belief systems. Also, there is no instance of profanity in the book.

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