In this review by Alheotuci, he notes that Vera Koo is a woman who did not give up, no matter the obstacles life threw at her. Read on to find out more about what he enjoyed about her memoir.

The Most Unlikely Champion by Vera Koo is a book that centers on Vera, who is a sport shooting champion. She is an overcomer as the trials she experienced prepared her for a lot of things. Here, we see a woman who did not give up no matter the obstacles life threw at her. To hone her skills in sport shooting, Vera decided to take part in a lot of competitions.

She experienced a lot of loss as a mother and a daughter. Not knowing what to do during the hardships, Vera decided to turn to God for help. She has always believed that she had to work harder than anyone else. By working hard, she was able to get better. She decided to tell her story to motivate people, especially women.

What I liked about this book is how motivational and inspiring it was. It made me realize that I can achieve anything I set my mind to as far as I am disciplined and I work hard. This book was heartwarming to read as I got to read about a woman who made something out of nothing. Also, the storyline was easy to follow. While reading this book, I learned so many helpful tips on how to deal with life. I liked the way every character played a meaningful role in the novel.

The negative aspect of this book is how I sometimes got bored while reading it. I wish the writer had made some parts more exciting by adding cliffhangers. This would have made me eager to know what happens next. Although The Most Unlikely Champion by Vera Koo is an intriguing novel, I did not enjoy it as much as I would have loved.

I rate this book a 3 out of 4 stars because some parts in the novel were not exciting to read. I liked the story because it was nice to see a woman make a hobby she enjoyed turn into a success. I liked the fact that she was strong despite her age and struggles. It is such a shame that I did not enjoy the book as much as I wanted.

I would recommend this book to people that are interested in non-fiction and motivational books. It will help you greatly in life because it is an inspiring story. Also, if you are looking for a novel that is easy to read and understand, I suggest you read this one. It is simply a must-read.

This book review “Overcoming Obstacles,” written about the memoir “The Most Unlikely Champion,” was originally published at Online Book Club.


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