In this book review from the Online Book Club, lissypanlilio730 writes that she admires that Vera Koo, author of “The Most Unlikely Champion,” has written about the struggle of an Asian woman living overseas. Find out more in the review.

Most people experience hardships throughout their life- may it be relationships, finances, loss of a loved one, and it boils down on how well you deal with these problems. The story of Vera is a familiar story of every Asian woman who is living overseas. You seldom hear stories of Asian women rising and fighting for what they love as of Vera’s due to the culture that was imposed on them when we were kids. As an Asian woman myself, I could really relate to Vera’s struggle in a man’s world.

What I like about this book is that Justin Pahl narrated Vera’s story in a way that you would really feel that you are in her shoes. I felt her pain, I felt her anger, I felt her disappointment with herself. As if I was with her the whole time during these times. Reading The Most Unlikely Champion gave me rollercoaster emotions, and it made me realize that all women should be like Vera Koo, that we should have the courage to step into our comfort zone and be who we want to be. To forget about what others, think and to follow your dreams.

What I don’t like about this book is the technical explanations about trigger pressures, trigger requirement, and shooting scores. Maybe it’s because I’ve never shot a gun before and I’m not too interested in it. Overall, the book was interesting, inspiring, no dull moment and reminds me of our Asian traditions as well. Having said that, I’m going to rate this book 3 out of 4 stars.

This book would most appeal to women at any age. Especially those who are Asian women. Women who have gone through challenges or in a tough situation. Vera Koo’s story would change their life, relationships, and their perspective of God. Women who gave gone through a divorce, betrayal from their partner and mothers could be the target market of this book.

I personally think that the book was professionally edited as I haven’t seen or noticed any flaws while I was reading it. It was an act of great courage for Vera to tell her story to the world – From her championships, gold medals, her grief, her husband’s betrayal, loss of loved ones and a mother’s love for her children. The world needs to know her story and I hope she will inspire more women as she had inspired me.

Original review of The Most Unlikely Champion can be found here.


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