In this post, it is recommended that readers “spritz themselves some zest for life” and be empowered by reading Vera Koo’s memoir.

Both men and women will be inspired by her memoir.

California, USA – WEBWIRE – Friday, February 14, 2020

Vera Koo The Most Unlikely Champion 637x971
Vera Koo The Most Unlikely Champion 637×971

By the age of 70, Vera Koo was both a national and world titleholder in the sport of Action Pistol Shooting. Vera was the first and only woman in the history of the NRA’s Bianchi Cup to win eight National Women’s titles.

What used to be a quest for safety transformed into a beautiful journey of triumphs and lifelong lessons for Vera Koo. She enrolled in a firearm safety course because she wants to conquer her fear of guns. But as her instructor saw her potential, he encouraged her to join a shooting competition. This story and more are shared by Vera in her memoir, The Most Unlikely Champion.”

Empowering Readers

“I hope my book inspires readers to find something that they are good at, and hone it. And let it take them farther than their initial dreams in life,” said the author.

The memoir received a positive reception from both readers and professional reviewers. BlueInk Review said in a starred rating: “From teens to adults, readers will take away something worthwhile from this gem-of-a-soul that is Vera Koo.” Another indie book reviewer, Anthony Avian from Hollywood Book Reviews, also critiqued that the book is “Filled with truly powerful emotions, insight and a series of personal stories which instantly connect the reader to the author, this is a book people of all different backgrounds can find themselves connecting to.”

Readers who got their copies from Amazon raved about “The Most Unlikely Champion.” Karen White reviewed: “I think it also is worthwhile to see a family dynamic that triumphs over troubles.”

Be inspired by Vera Koo and spritz yourself some zest for life. Get a copy of her book in major online book retailers.

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