In this episode of the podcast GunFreedomRadio, Vera Koo is interviewed by Dan and Cheryl Todd. She talks about why she started shooting, and how she got hooked on the sport. Below is the intro provided by GFR regarding Vera Koo’s background:

About Vera Koo

Vera Koo is the first and only woman in the history of the Bianchi Cup to win eight of these National Top Woman Titles, plus two additional World Titles.

She was also the first woman to place in the overall top 20 shooters at the Cup. At the moment, Vera is competing in the regular Women’s category, as well as the Senior category, in which she competes against only male shooters. Now in her late-60s, Vera has lived around the world, raised three grown children, and indulged four beautiful grandchildren. She is currently authoring a book sharing her experiences as an elite athlete, a Chinese-American immigrant, and a loving wife and mother.

Vera Koo is a 8 time NRA National Action Pistol Woman Champion of Bianchi Cup.

Vera was born in China, a first generation immigrant to United States when she was twelve years old. She has a bachelor’s degree in Art, and was working in the Real Estate Investment Management business until her retirement. She is a mother of three grown children and a grandmother of four granddaughters. Vera enjoyed doing many outdoors sports with her husband of 47 years. She is an expert downhill skier, enjoys sports such as water skiing, equestrian, windsurfing, camping and back packing. She loves gardening and sewing, and travel, a big time movie buff. And of course she loves Bianchi Cup!

Vera got involved in competitive shooting by accident. She was extremely afraid of handguns and entered a handgun safety class at a community college. Then at the age of 47, she enters into the arena of competitive shooting. She has shot in IPSC, Steel Challenge, American Handgunner’s man on man shoot-off, Masters, bullseye, etc… She is currently still competing in the Action Pistol (Bianchi Cup) Championship even though she is turning 70 years old by this Christmas. She plans to compete in the NRA World Action Pistol Championship in New Zealand this November.

Vera is also a columnist at WON (Women’s Outdoor News) … writing from her unique perspective on the shooting sports.

GunFreedomRadio Podcast

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