I think that the obstacles toughen us; it’s character building. – Vera Koo

In this video, NRA All Access Web Clip – The Bianchi Cup, top pistol shooting competitors are interviewed. They talk about why they love this competition. Many also mention Vera Koo, and the fact that she is, as one person said, the “winningest winner” at Bianchi Cup. This competition is arguably the most prestigious in its class.

Bianchi Cup: No Room for Error

Bianchi cup is deceptively simple on the surface. But its a very complex game. The more that you are involved with the game, the more you find that there is so much more to do, than what meets the eye. – Vera Koo

Here is an excerpt from Vera’s blog, which explains why the Bianchi Cup is her favorite competition.

I have been told that I am the type of person who will take a bite of something and hold onto it and not let go until I have it mastered. I gravitate toward activities and tasks that take a long time to master. I have the stamina and the work ethic to stay committed to that discipline for however long it takes to reach my goals.

This explains my dedication to my beloved Bianchi Cup, also known as the National Action Pistol Championship, which occurs every May at the Green Valley Rifle & Pistol Club near Columbia, Mo. 

I have competed at Bianchi Cup for 20 years, and some shooters have competed at the competition every year since its launch in 1979.

Because of the high levels of accuracy required at Bianchi Cup, it is considered one of the most difficult championships in shooting sports. Bianchi Cup joins the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) Nationals and Steel Challenge Shooting Association (Steel Challenge), as the top championship events in action shooting in the United States every year.

Watch other videos on Vera’s YouTube channel, here.


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