Review by Cdavis07, Published Apr 18, 2020

The Most Unlikely Champion
A Memoir by Vera Koo

I enjoyed reading this book, The Most Unlikely ChampionI rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. It was an excellent read. This is an inspiring story of personal loss, faith, love, and success. The main character is a female world champion pistol shooter. Her challenges in life tested her faith. When pain hit her life she pursued pistol shooting and God.

The author of the book and the main character, Vera Koo, is a Chinese American Christian, wife and mother of three children. She moved from Hong Kong to the USA when she was 12. When she was in her 30’s she met and married Carlos. She moved to San Francisco with her husband and her three children. After she experienced some personal losses, she was drawn to the sport of pistol shooting.

When she first started shooting, she was in the lower ranks of skill level. This gave her something else to focus on besides the pain in her life. It gave her a sense of purpose in life. She struggled in the beginning, but improved through lots of practice. At first, her thoughts would distract her and she would not shoot as well. She learned that by focusing on God she would be more accurate in her shooting. She even practiced shooting in the rain, which helped her prepare for a famous open action pistol competition.

She asked God why she was shooting and competing, and learned that she was finding God in the midst of her pain and struggles. That God wanted her to keep going and to trust Him. As a result, her faith in God grew stronger as she learned to trust him with her pistol shooting and with her struggles in life. As her pistol shooting improved, her personal life and outlook improved as well. Her character reveals strength, courage, determination and hope.

There was nothing I did not like about the book. No spelling or grammar errors were found. The book kept me engaged and flowed smoothly from chapter to chapter. It inspired me to depend on God more with my struggles in life. I think it will inspire others to have faith in God to help them with their own struggles. I believe this book would appeal to different audiences of any gender from people interested in pistol shooting, to those dealing with painful experiences and learning to focus on God.

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