Review by Chocoshiba, Published Mar 23, 2020

This book is written by Justin Pahl, who met Vera Koo in December 2014 and she tells him her story about family and business, success and failure. Vera Koo also told her achievements are because of God’s Grace and her faith upon Him who lift her up through bad times and sad times.

My interest was immediately picked when the first I read words Traditional Asian Culture, women are taught that she needs to serve her household and obey the husband, and Vera Koo knows that she needs to respect the tradition and do what she should do, but she doesn’t just sit still waiting for his husband to return and serve him, she carved her own path and do what she loves most… shooting and become an eight-time winner of the women’s division of the NRA National Action Pistol Championship, known as Bianchi Cup.

She gets full support from her family, and especially her husband who always accompanies her everywhere she goes. but she felt that she always stands behind her husband and her husband will always be the spotlight in her life. A lot of things happen along the way, from the death of her first son, and her husband affair with another woman, Koo was devastated but she keeps holding on and faces all of it with high chin, and at that moment she knows, she needs to take out everything from her head, by doing sport shooting

This book is very motivating for some women, not just Vera Koo has an unusual type of hobby, she just does it despite her sadness about her family, and the pressure of her husband’s affair. her unusual hobby makes other women motivated that women can do what men do. this book also tells you that your sadness and faith to God can be the one to push you out of limit to become stronger, Koo proves that.

Justin Pahl is a great writer, he wrote Vera Koo’s story beautifully, it feels like we can feel all of Koo’s struggles and happiness.

I rate The Most Unlikely Champion 4 out of 4 stars, i had a great time reading this book. he words feel like Koo read us her story face to face, and I really love a book with the theme of a woman’s power in it. and Justin Pahl writes it amazingly and I really love it. it tells you all women that no matter what the obstacles are, go carved your own path and be yourself wherever you are. and you can achieve anything. I feel so satisfied and happy after I read this book, and couldn’t forget about Vera Koo’s journey.

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