Review by GianKosi77, Published Nov 30, 2020

Life will throw anything on your path when you least expect it. Vera Koo will attest to this assertion because she hit a dead end and then rose again. The Most Unlikely Champion is Vera’s true story about how she navigated the world dominated by men. Its crux is “the most spectacular rise can only come after you fall.” The author’s life portrays this lesson perfectly, and the reader can affirm.

Vera Koo is the world’s champion in sport shooting. However, the circumstances that surrounded her life proved that she would be a housewife at best. The author grew up in a society that prioritizes men’s needs. When she tried to design her path (venturing into shooting), life challenges threatened her success: Koo’s in-laws gave her a difficult time, which affected her adversely. Just as she was gaining momentum, the sting of death took away Vera’s hope when she lost precious members of her family. As soon as she came back on track, the poor lady got a severe accident that crippled her for several months. The worst nightmare came the day Carlos, Koo’s husband, cheated on her. Whenever the author was about to go for the shooting competition, she would be hit by a terrible life blow. Vera Koo defeated all odds and became the most unlikely champion in sport shooting and her marriage.

I admire most how the author tells her story. Her voice shows no regret or condemnation. Neither does Vera blame anyone for contributing to her predicaments. In every difficult situation, she found a reason to learn a lesson and appreciate life. For instance, her first son’s death made Koo meditate on what God would be communicating to them.

What I disliked most was that the narrative was not chronological. Vera could go back in time and jump back to the present. I got confused with this narration style because I failed to comprehend what challenge came before the other. At times I got lost that I had to revisit the previous pages.

The author does not only share her journey to greatness but also various life principles. Perseverance, forgiveness, hard work, and determination are critical aspects that Vera’s story brings us. The reader will enjoy the twists and turns in the story as well as learn great lessons. As a result, I am glad to award this novel 4 out of 4 stars. Justin Pahl did a great job ensuring the book is professionally edited. I rarely noticed any errors throughout the book.

Ladies who are struggling to find their place in a men-dominated world, this is the novel for you. The Christians who would wish to know how God answers prayers, there you go. The book has no profanity or erotic scenes, making it suitable for readers of all ages. I recommend this book also to anybody who loves sport shooting and would like to compete. The author has shared various helpful tactics for the champions. There are several references to God, faith, and salvation that might be offensive to the non-religious audience.

Original review of The Most Unlikely Champion can be found here.


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