Review by Wuoketch, Published Aug 2, 2020

Success does not come on a silver platter. This was what Vera’s life was. Vera worked hard to become successful, though facing various life challenges, she never gave up. Find more in The Most Unlikely Champion by Vera Koo.

Vera having Chinese background in the United States gets engaged in gun shooting which she was previously afraid of due to the misuse of guns. This surprised many as this game majorly belonged to men. She goes through many challenges in life, she even loses her son in the process and even faces difficulties in her marriage when the mother-in-law says that she was not the best for their son. Vera breaks her leg when she is practicing for the Bianchi Cup. She never lost hope but kept on soldiering to achieve her topmost dream. Did Vera win the Bianchi cup? Find out.

The Most Unlikely Champion is an emotional story portraying different themes. Some of them include sacrifice, betrayal, family, and death. The book is written in a first-person narrative. Vera employs different stylistic devices in her writing which are well laid and intriguing to read. They include; flashback, suspense, and dialogue.

There are several things I liked about this motivational memoir, more specifically, the lesson learnt from the story. I learnt that it is always good to put God forward on whatever we are doing just as Vera did, Vera never gave up despite the challenges she was going through. The book also contains few characters which I could easily trace. The author also tries to make the book more interesting due to the continued humor she uses, especially in areas where there was dialogue. The choice of words used was also simple and easy to understand. At no moment did I have to go to my dictionary to check the meaning of words.

There was nothing to dislike in this book as more was of my personal issues that would not affect other readers. I will also say that the book was professionally edited, as I never met any grammatical errors with no profane or erotic scenes.

It’s my pleasure to rate The Most Unlikely Champion 4 out of 4 I gave it full rating because I didn’t find any error. I would recommend this book to everyone, especially to women who still believe that men are always better than them. Vera is an example to women who believes that what a man can do a woman can do better.

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