In this book review, posted at The Online Book Club, Phelicia Gloria writes that The Most Unlikely Champion is a magnificent memoir. Read why she states that reading the book became the “focus of the occasion” for her.

The roots of success are bitter while the fruits are sweet. Success needs perseverance. Meet wonder woman as she narrates her journey to success in The Most Unlikely Champion by Vero Koo.

This is a motivational memoir where the author narrates how she came from grass to grace.

Vera starts by narrating how she got involved in gun shooting. This sport previously belonged to the male. Vera breaks her leg when preparing for Bianchi cup, this never stopped her, she convinces herself that she can do it. She goes for training where she is being trained by Jim O’ Young who was a champion in the shooting. Besides shooting, Vera narrates her family life and background. As a mother, she faces a lot of difficulties in her matrimonial home. She narrates how she gave birth to a son who later died. This really hurt her but became her turning point. Though things became tough for her, she focuses, and move from glory to glory as she came to God in prayer, whom she believes in. She focuses on achieving her dreams. Truly, no human is limited. Find out how she passed through all these challenges in achieving her topmost dream.

The 172 paged novel transverses the following themes, friendship, marriage, death, and hardship. Vera’s writing tone is informative as she neatly describes every event in the book. At the end of the book, we have records of the author’s achievement. Truly, the author had excelled in the shooting.

There are many positive characteristics of the book. The picture in the middle of the book grasps the reader’s attention, creating a lively and vivid tone in the text. The continuous humor in the book also made me smile all the time when I was reading. The story was well structured, and the writing was impeccable. These made it easy and enjoyable to read. It is a rare occasion when readers become so enthralled in a book that they cannot put it down. The Most Unlikely Champion became the focus of that occasion for me. It was a magnificent book.

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