In this review of Vera Koo’s memoir “The Most Unlikely Champion,” Dalia Barack says that the read left her with a beautiful outlook on life. Her review was originally published by Online Book Club.

The Unlikely Champion by Vera Koo with Justin Pahl is one of the most well-written and captivating memoirs today. It begins with a brief introduction and the roles of Vera Koo and Justin Pahl in the making of the book. This book takes you on a journey about a powerful woman and the obstacles that make her who she is. While filled with tragic moments, this book instills hope into the audience. Going into this book, you have to be prepared to witness a leg injury that occurred in the most tragic way possible, a heartbreaking sacrifice, and a loss of a child. But you will leave this book with a beautiful outlook on life. You will get to view how Vera Koo got back up and how she fought back.

Vera Koo’s story was communicated beautifully and with clarity due to the writing style and structure. The readers can feel that every word written in this book serves a purpose. While the book included many unfortunate events that make the audience feel down, the writer ensures to add many moments of hope and even advice to balance the book expertly. There were no spelling or grammar mistakes; the book was spotless!

Beautiful Outlook on Life

There were no negative aspects; the book was complete and expertly written.

4 out of 4 stars. I could not fault this book at all, and that is why I give it the highest rating. It is beautiful and contains the most inspirational moments from the life of a charismatic woman, a world champion, a mother, an immigrant, and a role model. I strongly recommend this book!

Furthermore, I recommended it to anyone who is going through an obstacle and needs advice. Anyone interested to hear or view life from another person’s shoes, especially if that person is an immigrant, a mother, and even a three-time world champion on the shooting range.

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