In this review for Online Book Club by aakanksha2424, the reviewer notes that Vera Koo’s memoir sends the message that nothing is impossible if you have faith in yourself and God. Keep reading to find out more in this review of “The Most Unlikely Champion.”

Nothing is impossible if you have faith in yourself and God. Despite your culture, gender, race or anything, you can do anything with your dedication. The Most Unlikely Champion by Vera Koo with Justin Pahl is a perfect example of the above lines.

The Most Unlikely Champion is a memoir of Vera Koo’s life. Life is full of ups and downs, so that of Vera too. But it is exciting to read how she conquered all her downs and how she managed to remain thoughtful and kind after all her attainments. Vera Koo is a pistol shooter, who started her career in her 40s. Vera proudly expresses that there is no particular age for learning. As a Chinese woman, she vulnerably tells about man-dominant Chinese culture. There are still several societies that prioritize men over women. We can see how women are assigned with pleasing and serving their husbands roles in many cultures. But Vera branches out and listens to her heart.

She was not a self-destructive person, so when she encountered crises in her life, she withstood them with the help of God. She has great faith in God. With this spiritual belief, she’d done many great things in life. When she lost her son, she made that wound her strength and resumed life. When she caught her husband cheating on her, as a reader, we can tell her mental health suffered. But even she extracted power from that trauma too. Vera is a warrior, and she played multi roles as a woman. She was an obedient daughter, supportive wife, caring mother, committed student, a tremendous shooter and many more. Vera is truly a source of amusement.

Nothing is Impossible if You Have Faith

I like how she teaches readers to be optimistic. Whenever something bad happened to her, she believed it is happening to help her in the future. She repeatedly stated that God has planned this for her.

I barely found any error in the book. Justin Pahl has done a great job of editing and penning the book.

Vera Koo dared to step out of her comfort zone, and she established herself in a man-dominant world. One can feel motivated by reading this book. I will rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. People who are looking for a source of motivation will enjoy this book. If you are someone who has tied themselves because you think you’ve aged, then I do highly recommend this book to you.

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