In this review of Vera Koo’s memoir “The Most Unlikely Champion,” Emmanuel Anyalewechi writes that Vera shows stand-out processes that should be emulated by others overcoming adversity. Continue reading to find out why Emmanuel said that in his post for Online Book Club.

Falling doesn’t make one a failure, but the decision to remain where you have fallen is what makes you a failure. Most of those who have achieved a lot today didn’t relent and never achieved anything easily. Persistence remains the key to accomplishment. The Most Unlikely Champion by Vera Koo, with Justin Pahl, is a nonfiction book that takes us through the adventure of love, betrayal, sorrow, persistence, and accomplishments. The author took us through her childhood while she was the oldest of three siblings raised with conservative traditional values. Her childhood was complicated by so many factors, like realizing she was a product of her mother’s previous marriage, poor family background, a lack of academic attention from her parents, and an inferiority complex that she developed due to her mother’s advice to develop her inner beauty since she was not naturally beautiful outside. However, her childhood prepared her to be ready to face and withstand a lot of challenges in life. Her mother, being the most influential person in her life, taught her a lot that prepared her to be a devoted wife and mother and see her family as her first responsibility. Her accomplishments in the game of shooting are a resultant effect of her faith in God, hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

The writer gave us an insight into her marriage with Carlos that started as the perfect marriage with a deep connection right from the start. Trying to adapt to her husband’s parents wasn’t easy for her, however. Amongst the difficult times include the time she lost her only son, Bryant, infidelity by Carlos, and the excruciating leg injury that almost ruined her shooting abilities. Pain is a tool that God can use to teach us important things at times. Above all, the writer believes in the ability to use loss and pain beneficially in spite of whatever happened in the past, and this was a key lesson that I picked up from the book.

Outstanding positive aspects of the book also include the overall execution and organization of the book, which I must applaud the writer on. The author included pictures that connect the readers’ minds to her story to enable us to immerse ourselves in her good and bad experiences. The author’s expert ability to employ simple language that makes readers assimilate every part of the book without struggle is noteworthy. I enjoyed her traveling adventures as well, as her shooting career really provided opportunities for her to visit so many places, including New Jersey, Singapore, California, France, Montrose Colorado, Columbia, Italy, New Zealand, Germany, etc.

Stand-Out Processes

Observing the various means the writer employed in overcoming some of her difficult times will expose readers to stand-out processes, which should be emulated, and these processes, to a measurable extent, compensated my approaches to certain aspects of my life. I did not find any errors while reading this book, and it seems it was exceptionally edited.

Based on the book’s perfect editing and the fact that I cannot point to any part of the book that I dislike, I will not hesitate to rate this book four out of four stars. Readers who find it difficult to comprehend why they go through difficult times will benefit from this book, as they will experience various trials faced by the writer and see how she later stood out to become the unlikely champion.

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