By Vera Koo, Women’s Outdoor News, Published November 3, 2017

This guest post comes from Carlos Koo, who is married to the lovely Vera Koo, a formidable competition shooter. When Vera is off competing, Carlos can often be found on an adventure trip. For this trip, he went salmon fishing with his daughter, Christina. We love the story of this father/daughter getaway! ~The editors

My salmon fishing friends call Nootka Sound, British Columbia, Heaven on earth.

I have been going salmon fishing there at the Moutcha Bay Resort for several years. I enjoy the thrill of hooking a salmon and winning the struggle that ensues to get the fish into the boat. You are almost guaranteed a big catch every time you go there during peak salmon season.

The serene setting of the Nootka Sound, which is tucked into the west coast of Vancouver Island, is a bonus.

You are surrounded by trees and valleys. You can spot eagles and ospreys diving for fish and sea otters swimming or moving about on the ground. Once in a while, you will see a black bear.

It’s beautiful. It’s tranquil. It’s quiet.

Heaven on earth? Yes, I’ll buy that.

This past summer, I enjoyed a special treat.

A couple weeks before I traveled to Moutcha Bay Resort for my annual trip with my friends – 2 ladies who are fishing buffs – I went on a separate trip there with my oldest daughter, Christina.

Christina and I are active in the outdoors and enjoy adventure. But she’s also a businesswoman and a busy mother of 3 children, and this was my first time getting her to accompany me to Moutcha Bay Resort.

We flew to Vancouver, shopped for supplies and then took a charter boat plane to our destination before spending three days fishing.

The resort is so remote that you cannot even receive cell service on the resort and must use the satellite phone at the resort office if you need to make a phone call. It was good to spend some quality time with my daughter, free of distractions.

At the resort, we stayed in a yurt that combined a rustic appearance with modern comforts. This is perfect for me. My days of camping in a tent and sleeping on the ground are behind me.

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