By Vera Koo, Women’s Outdoor News, Published July 10, 2019

I do not usually like to mix business with pleasure. I traveled across the globe for competitions during my 15-year professional shooting career, and I almost never went sightseeing or exploring during my trips to practice or to compete. My stance of not mixing business with pleasure applies to my other business endeavors, too. However, they say sometimes rules are meant to be broken, and I put my stance aside during a May trip when I went sightseeing in Alaska. I was there on a business trip related to my book, “The Most Unlikely Champion.

I had 2 days free at the end of my trip, and I decided to engage in some sightseeing. Along the way, I was reminded of a lesson: Sometimes the most memorable and powerful experiences are the ones you least expect.

Sightseeing in Alaska

One of my sightseeing days was an extravagant affair that included a helicopter ride that escorted me to dog mushing and Herbert Glacier.

Herbert Glacier

The helicopter flight was exciting, because I got to ride up front alongside the pilot. During the dog sledding, I was part of a group of 4, including the guide, while 10 Alaskan huskies pulled us. Most of the time, I sat in the sled, but I stood on the back of the sled for a while. We capped our journey by landing our helicopter on Herbert Glacier. If you looked down the glacier cracks, you could see crystal clear blue water.

This became an enjoyable day, but the other sightseeing day, when I took a tour from a cab driver, will be the one that stays etched in my mind. My driver took me to see the governor’s mansion, educated me on Juneau’s gold mining history and offered me glimpses of a glacier, a waterfall and Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.

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