By Vera Koo, Women’s Outdoor News, Published March 28, 2016

The Bianchi Cup, a shooting competition which occurs near Columbia, Mo., each May, is not only a contest of skill, but also is an equipment race. Every competitor tries to have the latest technology – competition gear – especially in the Open Class in which I compete. In this Open Class, competitors are allowed to have any number of accessories on their gun. However, even this class has rules about its equipment, so if you compete in this class, you will need to check that your competition gear does not violate any restrictions.

The Bianchi Cup has progressed a lot throughout my 20 years participating in the competition due to the amount of new technology that has been developed. If an item can make a shooter’s performance smoother, more effective or more certain, every shooter wants that item.

Some of the competition gear you will need for the Bianchi Cup is very high-tech. Other pieces of equipment are fairly simple. Combined, the gear helps competitors achieve the performance they desire.

Here’s what you need for Bianchi Cup Competition Gear:

Equipment for head and ears

I recommend you wear a hat for competition. Not only will a hat shield you from the sun or rain, but also it helps protect you from projectiles from neighboring shooters’ guns that might come your way during competition. If you do not wear a hat, the projectile could end up inside your safety glasses or catch your attention and distract you, causing you to drop points. A hat will help you block out potential distractions.

Safety is a top priority in shooting, so you will need protective eyeglasses whether you are engaged in competition or practicing on the range. I wear Maui Jim prescription eyeglasses with high impact resistant lenses. The amber color of my lenses draws out the red dot in the scope of my gun. If you wear prescription glasses, make sure the lenses are big enough so you are not forced to look over the edges of the lenses when you shoot from the prone position.

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