In this blog post, originally posted by Women’s Outdoor News, Vera Koo is determined to forge ahead and keep honing her shotgun skills for the next Huntsman World Senior Games. Find out why.

The final shot in the Huntsman World Senior Games had barely been fired before my mind started planning for the upcoming year. After the competition, I felt as motivated as I have been in ages. I formulated a strategy to improve my shotgun shooting skills that would feature twice-monthly competitions at matches in either California, Nevada or Utah. Energy and excitement coursed through me as I considered my shotgun shooting future.

Why? Because I did not perform particularly well at the Senior Games.

I function best when I am driven to achieve a defined goal and when I know I have room to improve. My performance in St. George, Utah, last October left no doubt I had room to improve. 


I hit 106 of 200 targets in the sporting clays event and achieved 29 of 50 targets in the super sport competition. Both are substandard scores compared to other, more experienced competitors, but my drive has never come from comparing myself to others or by aiming to win championships. My motivation stems from competing against myself and pushing my body and abilities to meet my standard.

I am fueled by a desire to improve when I have not achieved my standard but know that I can achieve it, with continued practice.

At the convention center in St. George, Utah to check in for the 2022 Senior Games

Some people are motivated by their successes. I am motivated by knowing I have not reached my peak.

Viewed from that perspective, my debut Senior Games performance is a blessing. I need to remain motivated to keep my mind and body sharp, especially at my age, and my October performance will fuel me throughout this year in a way that a more accomplished score never would.

I became an eight-time women’s division champion throughout my Bianchi Cup career, and I noticed that in the years I won, I would come home and vegetate. My competitive fire waned after those pinnacle achievements.

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