Vera Koo inspires us with her knack for adventure in all facets of her life, not just in travel and cuisine. In this selection of blog posts, Vera writes about a few of her life experiences that were full of adventure. Keep reading to find out more …

Vera Koo and Her Zombie Apocalypse Experience

In this blog post, Vera recounts a hunting adventure where she and her husband Carlos took on, you guessed it, zombies!

Life with Carlos is an adventure, so much so that I often think I have lived 2 or 3 lifetimes compressed into one.

Throughout our 50 years of marriage, we have not had a dull moment. We raised a family. We started our own business. We participated in a variety of sports and activities – camping, snow skiing, horseback riding, windsurfing and waterskiing, plus my shooting and Carlos’ piloting.

Zombie Apocalypse Game

Our latest adventure came during a winter trip to Las Vegas with our family. Twelve of us made the trip. The highlight, for me, was a virtual reality zombie apocalypse game we played at MGM Grand. I played 3 times throughout our trip.

The 30-minute team game places you into a 2,000-square-foot arena in which you wield a plastic gun and use it to fend off zombies in a virtual reality experience.

I am a seasoned, action-pistol shooter who competed 21 years at the prestigious Bianchi Cup. So, you might think this game would be right up my alley. Hunting make-believe zombies should be nothing compared to hitting falling plates from 25 yards, right? Wrong.

Vera Koo and Her Zombie Apocalypse Experience Feature
Vera Koo and Her Zombie Apocalypse Experience Feature

I learned that my actual pistol shooting skills did not quickly translate to the world of a virtual reality video game.

The first time we played, 8 members of my family signed up. Carlos and I were probably the only ones who had never played a video game in our group. In fact, we had never even seen a zombie movie. We were clueless as to what to expect.

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Kayaking Excursion Unravels Into Chaos

In this post Vera recounts the harrowing kayaking experience in Hawaii when Carlos ran into serious trouble in the sea.

While on a kayaking excursion, Carlos was struggling in the waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii when my daughter, Shane, arrived at a harrowing thought: This might be it.

I’m thankful to report that it wasn’t “it” for Carlos. My husband is alive and well, after surviving a scare during our family’s kayaking excursion in March. 


Carlos and I kayaked in the open waters off Lanikai Beach with our daughters Christina and Shane and granddaughters Allie and Mia. We headed toward the Mokulua Islands, about a mile off the shore. Skilled kayakers setting out in good conditions can arrive at the island in about 30 minutes.

That wasn’t our experience. 

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