In this post from Women’s Outdoor News, Michelle Cerino gleans through Vera Koo’s past columns to find tips for competition. After all, as an eight-time Bianchi Cup champ, Vera Koo has the street cred for this type of advice.

In four previous posts at “Women’s Outdoor News,” Vera Koo shares her unique and invaluable personal tips on competition shooting, all based on her experiences shooting the Bianchi Cup. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned competitor, you can benefit from her advice. Read on to discover what advice she offers in each post and how it can be adapted to your skill level. 

Competition Tips

In her article “How to Become a Champion Shooter,” Vera explains how her strength arises from her solitude, which allows her to concentrate on achieving her goals. Although she may not be able to tell you the secret of becoming a champion, she does share how you can successfully get through at least half the battle. 

Vera Koo photo by Shun Chu Champions Mindset
(Shun Chu photo)

True warrior status is earned through discipline, diligence, long hours and rising up when you have fallen.

Vera shares why women should participate in competition shooting and how to achieve shooting goals in “A Champion’s Mindset to the Shooting Sports.” She then explains in-depth why and how these tips worked for her. 

Vera-Koo-Practice-by Shun Chu
(Shun Chu photo)

The size of a person does not matter in our sport. It is about size of heart and mind.

Vera’s post “How to Prepare for a Shooting Competition” offers a look into some of her “firsts” in competition shooting and practice. She even recalls some of her interactions with a few very well-known competitors. For tips, she shares a list of what she does every time she arrives at a match. 

(Shun Chu photo)

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