To show her appreciation for her readers, Vera Koo’s brand-new audiobook version of her memoir, “The Most Unlikely Champion,” is available to listen to for free until February 29, 2024.

Free access can be gained by visiting and clicking the top banner. An email prompt will sign readers up for Vera’s free updates and access to listen to her new audiobook. 

“The Most Unlikely Champion” delves into the life and times of Vera Koo – it is a memoir. Her story starts with humble beginnings in China, then details her immigration to the US at the age of 12. The stage is set, and the rest unfolds as the book progresses, explaining the struggle between being raised in a traditional Chinese household, and living as an American adult female. 

The timeline shifts between past and present, which is an engaging way to cover ground. She details her accomplishments and struggles in male-dominated shooting sports. As an 8-time Bianchi champion, Vera brings plenty of street cred to the story.

Readers may be taken aback by the book’s rawness and forthrightness with which Vera, helped by writer Justin Pahl, explains the heartbreak that became the catalyst to her shooting, drive and later, success. Through absolute gut-wrenching betrayal, she focuses her energy on the positive. Her story is brutal at times, and comes completely un-minced. Vera provides levity with funny quips and memories throughout her journey. 

Vera Koo’s memoir contains a pleasantly deep and honest look into her life. She details her childhood, cultural divide, journey through faith and family life. Her explanation of her accomplishments, and the road which led to them, is not to be missed and easily digested in short chapters – now available for your listening pleasure.

Don’t hesitate. Visit Vera Koo online here and listen to her story before it’s too late.


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