By Vera Koo, Women’s Outdoor News, Published March 13, 2019

Vera Koo describes the modern-day women’s gun movement and highlights viable women’s shooting organizations throughout the world. ~BB

Victoria Knowles-Lacks describes her gun club in simple terms.

“We shoot, and then we eat cake,” Knowles-Lacks, the founder of The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club, said last year during an interview with NRATV. “And it’s all very civilized and jolly and lots of fun.”

Knowles-Lacks founded her gun club in 2011, and it has blossomed into the United Kingdom’s largest ladies shooting club.

I love the concept.

It is a club operated by women, for women.

The club puts on dozens of events throughout the year around the UK. On June 8, it will host its 5th annual National Ladies’ Shooting Day at venues throughout the UK.

Knowles-Lacks has created a welcoming environment for women who want to try their hand at shotgun shooting, but perhaps do not know how to get started or do not own the equipment. She creates a low-stress environment where women can learn from other women. If you do not own a gun, that is no problem. You will be provided with one, plus the instruction you need to feel comfortable.

There’s no pressure, nor intimidation. There are shooters of all skill levels.

“Having fun and that camaraderie and that sisterhood and we’re all in it together and support, that’s so close to my heart,” Knowles-Lacks said during the NRATV interview.

The club’s members range in age from youths to senior citizens. Some are city women. Others are from rural areas. It goes to show you that a variety of women have interest in learning how to handle a gun.

A Chelsea bun is a pastry that originated in Chelsea, London, and resembles a cinnamon roll in appearance.

Most of the women who attend a Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club event bring a cake with them. After shooting, the women enjoy cake and tea.

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