This book review, written by Pruittteresa19 at, is short and sweet and to the point. She thinks the book is well told and well thought out.

I thought this book was well told and well thought out. This was a great story of strength in the face of adversity. I enjoyed how much the author would go back and forth between past and present day to make the story easier to understand and also keep you focused on what part of this woman’s story he was trying to focus on at the time. I recommend this book. It is a quick read and keeps the reader invested in the story. I never saw any vulgarity or use of harsh language in this story. Which I found tasteful considering the age of this woman and her lifestyle. I enjoy how the chapters were organized and how the author was continually able to keep the story relevant even though we are talking about a subject that doesn’t get a lot of attention. I give this book a 3 out of 4 rating.

To expand on Pruittteresa19’s thoughts about Vera Koo’s well told memoir, here is a quick summary of the book:

Vera’s story is more than that of a petite Asian woman becoming a top competitor in the male-dominated sport shooting world. It’s the story of a Chinese immigrant – raised in a traditional Chinese culture, where women deferred to their husbands and kept to their socio-economic class – who succeeded in America.

Vera is a successful businesswoman, an accomplished athlete, and a loving wife and mother. It was never an “either-or” for Vera; it’s about meeting life’s challenges head-on with dogged persistence, grace, humility, and … humor.

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