I didn’t start shooting until I was 49 years old. I was intimidated by many things, just one of those things being that most women shooters I saw were young, even teenagers. Was I too old to play this sport? As a researcher, I started looking for older women who began shooting later in life and I happened upon champion shooter Vera Koo and found her inspiring. So, when I got the chance to review her second book, “Wisdom and Things: Essays From An Unlikely Champion,” I felt excited for the opportunity to learn even more about her. I came to realize that we shared something in common – as  two women who came to the shooting sports later in life.


这本书与大多数回忆录不同的一个地方是,它不依时间顺序,而是归类编排, 因此,叙述虽会在年份顺序上忽前忽后,但每篇文章都各从其类:

  • 成为冠军
  • 愈挫愈勇
  • 宗教信仰、哲学思想、内省关照
  • 行旅心得

在方蓁身上我们最早发现的一件事是:无何可以阻止她——性别歧视不可,种 族歧视也不可,年龄歧视更不可;她大可以对所处境遇发牢骚、愤愤不平、怀 怨在心,然而她不以为为意、丝毫不受影响。这是我们何等的典范!

她散发的另一项启示,我也极其欣赏、能够心起共鸣——也就是她自认自己乃 是学生个性,非传道授业之人。也有很多女性要我拜我为师,我很荣幸她们觉 得我有此能耐,但我心知教学非我所长;读到方蓁泰然如此声明时,我安心了 ——这一点我也可以见贤思齐。 


Vera’s frankness about age affecting health and strength is refreshing, as she gives advice about diet and exercise. Her comments on cooking and eating chocolate made me laugh in agreement, as well.

Vera’s “wisdom” also reminded me of a few things:

  • “You have power to create the life you want.” This has been my philosophy for many years, I just had to be reminded of it. 
  • “The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve seen that every hardship carries a valuable lesson and a chance to emerge stronger on the other side.” Another good reminder for these turbulent times.

“Wisdom and Things” is really a reflection of lessons learned from experiences, work ethic, endurance and faith in God. This short afternoon read during this time of extreme crisis in the world left me feeling renewed, positive and hopeful. Thank you, Vera.

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This review was originally published at 《女性户外运动新闻》.


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