In this post, seventy-seven-year-old Vera Koo looks back at her life – all the trials and tribulations, combined with wonderful memories – and is grateful. Find out how she achieved a mindset that allows her to be happy.

去年秋天,当我开车前往犹他州为二0二三年世界长青运动会霰弹枪射击项目接受射靶训练时,途中感慨良多,充满 感激。

I am blessed with transportation and the equipment to pursue this sport I took up about two years ago after I retired from Bianchi Cup. I had ammunition in my car, plus ear and eye protection. I enjoy my husband’s blessing to disappear to the practice range for days at a time.



我是华裔美国女性,今年七十七岁;身为移民,成长过程中我其实没有机会接触枪支或从事射击运动。结婚生子后我 相夫教子、照顾公婆,还要帮忙经营家族事业;然后在我步入中年时,在外子顾家一支持下,我走出一条自己的路, 打造出一些属于我自己的东西。 

These are my golden years, and I want to enjoy them while I remain healthy. As Carlos says, we have lived full, rewarding lives and anything beyond this is a bonus at our age. I want to cash in on that bonus. I plan to spend this phase of life pursuing new challenges and goals while cherishing opportunities to travel or gather with family.  



出生在什么样的文化或环境中,我们无法选择;我们的境遇并不总取决于自己;我们可能会遇到我们感觉自己不当得 的困难,而对这些情况时我们的反应,影响我们的人生方向。

United States Action Pistol World Championship Shooting Team 2010
United States Action Pistol World Championship Shooting Team 2010

我们有时都会受苦,但我们不必永远背负伤疤;我们固然可以选择让自己成为逆境的受害者,更可以选择掌控自己的 未来。 

Thirty years ago, my life hit a crossroads after I experienced a deep personal trauma that shook me to my core, rattled my worldview and threatened to alter my life’s direction. In the weeks and months that followed, I felt like a zombie, just going through the motions, just trying to get by.

Fortunately, I found God during this dark time. I developed my relationship with Jesus Christ after a friend introduced me to Christianity by giving me “Guideposts” to read while I navigated my heartache.

I poured myself into my shooting competitions. I sought help from a therapist. I leaned on my faith. 



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