This documentary opens with Austin Koo, Vera Koo’s son, speaking over footage of his mom shooting at the range. He compares his mother with other, “typical,” moms – unlike other moms who watch TV after dinner, his mom is cleaning guns and loading ammo.

Top Woman Shooter – From Vera’s Perspective

The video swiftly transitions to Vera’s narration. She details her journey through various types of professional shooting matches, and what the training for each involves. We get to travel with Vera, hear her thoughts on traveling through the airport with many firearms (in her luggage, she packs photographs of herself competing, to help explain her checked items to TSA). Good time is spent with Koo at the range. Footage of her practicing is included, along with interviews from fellow professional shooters, all of them notable male figures in the sport.

Vera Koo: Top Woman Shooter – A Documentary

Quickly acknowledged by all who are interviewed are the challenges faced by this petite, Chinese woman in the man’s world of professional shooting. Vera’s determination and positive attitude shines through – “it was not important how I was treated (by others), because I had bigger plans for myself.”

Professional Shooting and Spirituality

Not only do we experience Koo on the road, and competing in various matches, but we also get to see interviews from her family and friends. Her faith in God and Christian beliefs are voiced by Vera herself, as she gives insight into her journey into faith, and her belief that shooting professionally is a spiritual experience.

Vera Koo’s Accomplishments

By the age of 70, Vera Koo was both a national and world titleholder in the sport of Action Pistol Shooting. Vera was the first and only woman in the history of the NRA’s Bianchi Cup to win eight National Women’s titles. She’s won two World titles and was the first woman to place in the overall top 20 at the NRA Bianchi Cup, in 2001. Listed (原文出處為線上讀書俱樂部 is a comprehensive list of her awards and accolades.



(原文出處為線上讀書俱樂部 to watch Vera’s other videos, on her Youtube channel.


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