Have you ever read a book that makes you want to get out of your chair and tackle something in your life head-on? Michelle Cerino has! Michelle is the managing editor at Women’s Outdoor News, and also manages social media for several companies and personalities, one of them being Vera Koo. In this video, she answers a few questions about Koo’s second book “Wisdom and Things,” and tells us why this book belongs on everyone’s bookshelf.

‘Wisdom and Things’: A Book of Life Lessons

Below is an excerpt from Michelle’s written review of ‘Wisdom and Things,’ which first appeared at Women’s Outdoor News. Click (原文出處為線上讀書俱樂部 (中文書評全文在書評摘要後方。)

I’ve known Vera Koo for almost ten years now. We met May 2013, when I first competed in the Bianchi Cup in Columbia, Missouri. I said it then, and I repeat it often, “Vera Koo is an amazing woman whom I respect tremendously.” Over the years, she’s shared numerous life lessons with our readers at The WON and on her website,

. Now she has them all compiled in her second book, “Wisdom and Things: Essays from An Unlikely Champion.” 

First, I just love the aesthetics of this book. It’s a nice size, 8.5-inches x 8.5-inches, made from quality paper with full-color photos. It even lays open nicely, which makes it pleasant to read while sitting in my chair or relaxing in bed. As an avid reader, this is something I value in a book. 


Life Lessons

Each short story within the book is chock-full of snippets of life lessons suitable for women of many ages. The following are some of my favorites which have really hit home for me these past few years:

“I started shooting when I was in my forties. I had navigated plenty of hardships in life while raising a family and helping to run a business.” 

It’s almost like Vera is describing me in this quote. It’s like we are kindred spirits. 

“I hear many people talk about what they want to do “someday.” Too often, though, “someday” never comes. The window of opportunity closed, and people no longer can do what they always said they wanted to do. I do not want to miss my “someday.”


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