My family traveled to Washington state in June for a clam digging trip. But for me, the trip wasn’t really about clams. It was about family, bonding and seeing passion and teamwork from my three adult children as they worked together to hunt elusive geoduck clams.

My husband, Carlos, set the tone in our household to ensure that family was always the top priority. We both aimed to set an example that family is more important than your career, wealth or prestige. 

Our time in this world is finite. The older I get, the more I realize that nothing really matters except the people in my life and the relationships I have. You can buy a house, car, clothes or jewelry, but those possessions won’t satisfy you the way strong relationships will. Heartbreaks and negative moments can create relationship hurdles, but if your bond is strong enough, you can navigate these challenges and preserve a strong relationship that enriches your life. 

Carlos believes that each member of our family has different gifts and that our three children are at their strongest when they work together.

Carlos’ belief in the collective strength of our children reflects an old Chinese proverb about chopsticks. 

chop sticks
In the proverb, a man holds a single chopstick. He easily snaps it into two pieces. Then he puts two chopsticks together. He encounters more trouble snapping them, but still manages.  But as the number of chopsticks increases to three, four, five, etc., their collective strength keeps the man from snapping them.
Clam digging is our daughter Shane’s passion. In particular, she is motivated by the geoduck clam, which is considered a delicacy. 
Shane catching the geoduck in Washington State

Shane’s passion became seeded when she was about 10 years old. Carlos used to dig clams with friends in college, and he exposed our children to the activity. Like me, Shane embraced any sport or activity to which Carlos exposed us. She became especially enthusiastic about clam digging.

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