In this second installment of Gal Gab, champion shooter Vera Koo answers our questions. Vera, who retired from professional shooting just 6 months shy of being 72 years old, holds a long list of awards and records in the sport. She is also a mentor, mother, business owner and author.

Vera’s first book, a memoir titled The Most Unlikely Champion, describes her journey to become one of the world’s premier sport shooters. She is working on her second book, a collection of the blogs published at The WON. In true Vera fashion, her written responses to our questions run the gamut from inspiring to humorous. Enjoy!

‘The Most Unlikely Champion,’ a memoir (Vera Koo image)

Getting to Know Vera Koo

1 Describe a typical day in your work life:

I was a competitive shooter at the Bianchi Cup for 21 years. I retired from the competitive shooting sport in June of 2018. Steel Challenge, USPSA, Man on Man Shoot-Off, Master’s, Bullseye and modified Silhouette were my competitions of choice.  A day’s work as a competitive shooter in my practice started with putting on a ton of sunblock on my face, arms and occasionally on my legs, to prepare for spending a day under the sun. I’d load up my car with all the shooting equipment and ammo, with breakfast, lunch and water. Oh! also with lots of cookies, I am a sugar and butter addict.

Lathering on the sunblock (Vera Koo image)

I shot 1,000 rounds a day for 7 days straight every other week during my 50’s in preparation for an upcoming match. I stayed at the shooting range for 10-12 hours a day. And when I was in my mid 60’s, I cut my shooting back to 850 rounds a day for 5 days, and every other week for 10 hours a day. I would eat massive amounts of food, and drink enough liquid (one gallon per day on a normal day, and 2 gallons of liquid on a hot day) during my practice to facilitate the energy that I needed to function.

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