In this video, Tips & Tactics: Vera Koo: Bianchi Cup Gear, the viewer will learn all about the gear Vera Koo recommends for use at the Bianchi Cup. Introduced by the series’ host, Gabby Franco, Koo goes on to explain the various items she recommends for anyone wanting to take place in the competition. Tips & Tactics was created by NRA Women, presented by Smith & Wesson and sponsored by Cabela’s Outdoor Fund.

Vera Koo: Bianchi Cup Competition Gear

Here is an excerpt from Vera’s blog, which covers her recommended gear for this challenging, and rewarding, event.

The Bianchi Cup, a shooting competition which occurs near Columbia, Mo., each May, is not only a contest of skill, but also is an equipment race. Every competitor tries to have the latest technology – competition gear – especially in the Open Class in which I compete. In this Open Class, competitors are allowed to have any number of accessories on their gun. However, even this class has rules about its equipment, so if you compete in this class, you will need to check that your competition gear does not violate any restrictions.

The Bianchi Cup has progressed a lot throughout my 20 years participating in the competition due to the amount of new technology that has been developed. If an item can make a shooter’s performance smoother, more effective or more certain, every shooter wants that item.

I have competed at Bianchi Cup for 20 years, and some shooters have competed at the competition every year since its launch in 1979.

Some of the competition gear you will need for the Bianchi Cup is very high-tech. Other pieces of equipment are fairly simple. Combined, the gear helps competitors achieve the performance they desire.

Continue reading this blog entry, here. Watch other videos on Vera’s YouTube channel, here.


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