By Vera Koo, Women’s Outdoor News, Published August 24, 2017

Kevin Angstadt offered me some sound advice several years ago during a time when my Bianchi Cup performance had taken a step back. He told me I should consider competing in more regional and state matches to help refine my skills for the Bianchi Cup.

Throughout my career, I have tried to closely observe what other top shooters do and how they practice. I take note of how they strategize. I noticed that Angstadt continued to get better and better, and he told me his improvement was due, in part, to participating in state and regional matches.

Angstadt provided me with a list of matches I should consider participating in. The Crawfish Cup, hosted by the Southwest Louisiana Rifle and Pistol Club in Bell City, Louisiana, has become one of my favorite matches from his list, and I have competed at the Crawfish Cup for several years.

The Crawfish Cup

This year’s competition featured an all-time high of 86 competitors, including nine women’s shooters, the most I have ever seen at a regional match. The Crawfish Cup is so smoothly run, and it offers a template that other regional matches looking to increase their prominence would be wise to follow.

The Crawfish Cup occurs at an ideal time. This year’s regional was on April 23, about a month before the Bianchi Cup. There is enough of a gap between the Crawfish Cup and Bianchi Cup to give competitors time to mentally and physically recover. However, the Crawfish Cup occurs close enough to the Bianchi Cup for it to serve as a trial run. The Crawfish Cup gives you an indication of whether your skills and equipment are in top form. If they are not, you still have a few weeks to make the necessary refinements.

My intention at every Crawfish Cup is to see how I perform under pressure and monitor how I shoot with the guns that I plan to take to the Bianchi Cup. I also get a chance to determine whether I am in the proper physical condition required for the Bianchi Cup.

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