In this review of Vera Koo’s memoir “The Most Unlikely Champion,” Keith Mbuya finds that she seems to write every word from her heart. Keep reading to find out why Keith rates this book 4 out of 4 stars.

We tend to think champions, superstars and the richest people in this world made it to the top just like that. By that I mean, we think it was so simple for them to become what they are. But what we don’t know is that behind the smile of every successful man or woman is an untold unique story of pure struggle, perseverance, sacrifices, big failure, constant failure, hard work, unwavering determination, passion, perhaps rejection and much more painful ordeals. Vera Koo is a professional shooter. She has participated in various shooting competitions and has earned many great titles to her name. She has won the Bianchi Cup women’s championship a record eight times, including six times in a row in the mid 2000s. She is a two-time women’s gold medal winner at the World Championships. She has also won four team gold medals at the World Action Pistol Championships. She is a piece of work to be honest. Vera tells her incredible story of her journey to being a champion in her book The Most Unlikely Champion, a magnificent piece of work in my opinion.

The style of writing Vera Koo employs for The Most Unlikely Champion is great. Her sentences are fairly long, well structured and easy to comprehend. Her choice of words and vocabularies is well thought about. She has a masterly hand in writing, you can see this from the way her ideas flow perfectly and beautifully. The story is very spellbinding for a non fiction book, you will definitely love everything about this book.

Vera does not just write about her life story, she harnesses emotions in her words. I feel her joy, pain, satisfaction, terror, confusion, love, despair, passion among the many other emotions in her different situations. Vera depicts all of her experiences with vivid and unique clarity. I felt like I was right there beside her, watching her and feeling every moment of her story. Her incredibly picturesque words left me imagining what some scenarios were like or how some people looked like. All these make reading The Most Unlikely Champion an unforgettable experience.

Every Word From Her Heart

What I found interesting was the fact that Vera did not grow around guns, she did not have the slightest interest in guns, In fact she was scared of guns. When she chose to get classes on gun safety, her petite body and delicate features made most people regard her as not not quite the type to be a shooter. At this point, her title really relates to the book. But her passion grew slowly over time and she got to be the best. Vera writes about her dating experience and even her marriage life, and more. This is very inspirational and educative.

You will find a lot of relatable situations in Vera’s story. She is very open and seems to write every word from her heart, I love this.

All the problems she faces, she explains how she solved them, either with help or on her own. You will draw very wise lessons from these specific scenes she gets so open about her life experiences. For instance, Vera explains that her father-in-law was not the best character one would wish to have for a father-in-law. He was very disrespectful and of course, for no reason. But on one certain occasion when Vera played her cards differently, things changed and he was not the disrespectful father-in-law ever again. You want to know what happened? Get yourself this amazing piece of work, The Most Unlikely Champion.

I did not find anything to dislike about The Most Unlikely Champion. I did not find any error in the book, it is exceptionally and professionally edited. Enthusiasts of non fiction, inspirational books will love The Most Unlikely Champion. I loved everything about the book, I rate it 4 out of 4 stars.

This review was originally published by Online Book Club.


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