In this review of Vera Koo’s memoir “The Most Unlikely Champion,” written by Moon flower for Online Book Club, the idea of Shing Ping comes to the forefront of the story. The reviewer is taken with the concept and how Vera applied it to her own life.

Have you ever heard of Shing Ping? It is a Chinese word. It’s a concept that requires achieving inner harmony and balance. It means you’ve made peace with everything and aren’t holding grudges or wounds from the past. Vera Koo, a Chinese American woman and the world’s champion in sport shooting, applied this concept of Shing Ping in her life. She explains in The Most Unlikely Champion that you must first have faith, followed by a variety of concepts such as Shing Ping, to continue in life, overcome difficulties, and achieve your goals, no matter how tiny or great they are.

The Most Unlikely Champion, a memoir by Vera Koo, takes you on a journey through her life, where you will learn about her childhood, youth, and old age. You will see all she has gone through in her life, including her son’s death, her injuries, and her husband’s betrayal, as well as how she overcame problems and obstacles in her life. You’ll also witness how she discovered her passion for pistol shooting and how, even though no one took her seriously, she established herself as a champion in the sport while never neglecting her responsibilities as a mother, wife, and partner in the family business.

Through simple language and a straightforward approach, Vera Koo was able to convey all of the sentiments and emotions that she experienced during her crises. As a result, I found myself empathizing with her while also respecting her courage, will, and perseverance. I liked the simple writing style in this book, and I should point out that I found no grammatical, spelling, or typographical errors, indicating, in my opinion, that Justin Pahl edited this work thoroughly. However, if you ask me what I didn’t enjoy about this book, I can’t think of anything; therefore, I give it a 4 out of 4 stars rating.

Finding Shing Ping in Life

While reading this book, you will notice three primary axes in front of you. The first axis represents cultures where the guy is dominant and free to do as he pleases, while the woman serves as his supporter, making it harder for her to establish her presence in the male-dominated world. The second axis is the sport of pistol shooting, where the steps taken by Vera Koo to become a champion in the sport of pistol shooting are detailed in the book. The third and final axis emphasizes the necessity of faith in conquering life’s challenges and seeking heavenly wisdom from everything we encounter.

Overall, this is an excellent book to read. It’s an inspiring book with important information about pistol shooting sports. As a result, I recommend it to anyone who wants to read a memoir of a successful Christian woman and learn more about pistol shooting sport. On the other hand, if you’re sensitive to religious topics, this book might not appeal to you.


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