This video, a compilation slideshow from 2015, is an overview of Vera Koo’s experience at the Bianchi Cup. Also known as the NRA National Action Pistol Championship, this annual competition takes places in Columbia, Missouri, at the Green Valley Rifle & Pistol Range. It is a 3 day long event, open to both male and female competitors.


In 2015, the Bianchi Cup hosted almost 300 men and women competitors from all over the world. The video describes that although Vera Koo has “competed in many different disciplines in the shooting sport,” she has competed at this specific competition for almost 20 years.

Vera’s warm-up routine before each match is described. Her process has similarities to other competitors’.

The video continues to give details of the competition, such as its stages and point systems. The types of targets and shooting positions are chronicled. There is often only a single point difference between first and second place. This speaks to the fierce nature of the competition.


Koo is not the only veteran to the competition; many have been competing at the Bianchi Cup for more than her 20 years. The narrator discusses the given, common bond among these competitors; they all strive for excellence and perfection. Vera enjoys the pressure of the match, and is a natural workaholic.


The weather is also something difficult to contend with at the Bianchi Cup. The event’s location in Columbia, Missouri can boast a wide variety of temperatures during the May competition. Because of this, Vera always prepares by packing 4 seasons of clothing. She also makes sure to practice shooting in the rain.

Awards & Accolades

Vera Koo was the first and only woman in the history of the NRA’s Bianchi Cup to win 8 National Women’s titles. Continue reading about her achievements in the shooting sport, here.


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