More than 20 years ago, I found myself at the lowest point of my life.

I had experienced a terrible personal crisis. Suffice it to say that this crisis was an external force that shattered my core values. I had built my beliefs based on certain principles, and this crisis destroyed those beliefs on which I had built my world, causing my world to fall apart.

I felt at the time that this explosion of force that came upon me was strong enough that it had the potential to destroy me and everyone around me with it. The shooting sports saved me. It gave me a temporary refuge that let me have time to regain my balance in life and heal my wounds.

I believe this sport was God’s way of giving me a second chance to better my life. He was already at work and made sure everything was in place so that I could handle the crisis that was to come.

My crisis did not cause me to begin my extensive involvement in the competitive shooting sports. Rather, I started taking firearm classes at a local community college a few years before the crisis because I was afraid of guns. I did not want to remain ignorant of firearms. I wanted to learn how to safely handle them so that I could eliminate my fear.

I began competing in Steel Challenge in 1992. My crisis occurred a year later.

When the rug got pulled from under me, the sport of competitive shooting helped me recover my footing. The process of training and competing in the competitions absorbed all of my energy and attention.

Therefore, when I found myself in the hole with darkness all around me, I found refuge in the sport, where I had temporary peace.

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