In her latest blog post, Vera Koo explains why at 75-years-old, she feels invigorated while learning a new sport. Read on to see why she is “chasing the carrot.” ~ The Editors

I signed up to compete in sporting clay club matches this summer before I felt ready. I signed up for them, because I have competed in shooting sports long enough to know that if you wait to enter your first competition until you feel ready, you will never sign up. 

Throughout my pistol shooting career – competing in Steel Challenge and the Bianchi Cup – I trained tirelessly. But being committed and disciplined in your preparation is not the same as feeling ready for your first competition. 

If you never sign up, you will never get going. You must push yourself to jump in with two feet and accept that you must pay your dues before you attain the results you desire.


So, I will participate in a sporting clay match in Ontario, California, in July and another in August, along with two matches in Clark County, Nevada, this summer as I prepare for the Huntsman World Senior Games this October in Utah.

I credit my husband, Carlos, for instilling this attitude in me and our children. He showed our family how to fly by the seat of our pants.

Carlos gravitates to new, exciting adventures and activities, and he continues to set an example that it’s OK to embrace something new, even if you don’t feel you are an expert at first – because no one is an expert before she enters the arena and begins to find her way.

Although I cannot expect to be on top of my game at this point in my sporting clay shooting journey, it feels good to be striving toward improvement. I don’t feel stale. I feel invigorated. At 75-years-old, I have a reason to exercise. I have a carrot to chase, a challenge to drive me and help keep me focused.

I should have known when I retired from the Bianchi Cup following the 2018 competition that my road in competitive shooting had not reached its end.

To be my best self, I need goals and structure. 

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