Do you wish you could give your younger self great advice about life? Cheryl Todd believes that reading Vera Koo’s second book earlier in life would have really helped her. Find out why in this video review of ‘Wisdom and Things.’

Cheryl Todd is the executive producer and co-host of “Gun Freedom Radio,” owner of AZFirearms Auctions, Pot of Gold Auctions and founder of the grassroots movement Polka Dots Are My Camo. Cheryl answers a few questions about Vera Koo’s second book “Wisdom and Things,” including who she wishes had read the book.

My exterior does not show what I am made of. ~ Vera Koo


Below is an excerpt from Cheryl’s written review of ‘Wisdom and Things.’ Click (原文出处为线上读书俱乐部  (中文书评全文在书评摘要后方。)

One of my favorite quotes from 顾方蓁’s latest book, “Wisdom and Things: Essays From An Unlikely Champion

在顾方蓁新书《巾帼枪神散文集:顾方蓁的人生智慧与事物》(Wisdom and Things: Essays From An Unlikely Champion,暂译)中,我最喜欢的一句话是:"我的外表显示不出我是由什么构成的。你是谁,不仅止是你的外表或你的成长经历,而是取决于你的意志力、敬业精神和你的持之以恒。”在世人生活被将近两年的全球疫情扰乱之后,这样的毅力、韧性和希望比任何时刻来的都重要;此刻,正是需要人生智慧与诸事鼓舞启发、重新振作的最佳时机。


Within the pages of Vera Koo’s collection of essays, she reminds us that although we must dig deep within our hidden strengths and “Seize the moment, and don’t hold back”, community is also important. Her essay titled, “Why you should surround yourself with inspiring people” is an unvarnished look at Vera’s insecurities, and how she has gained strength from her mentors and other accomplished women. Vera confesses that she is much more comfortable being the student, rather than the teacher. However, because Vera pushed through her initial unease with being in the role of a firearms instructor, in front of cameras on an online NRA television show no-less, she was able to empower other women to learn from her background in the shooting sports. 

方蓁在散文中抛出一句掷地有声的句子:“不要错失你的‘某一天'。”我们当中太多人迟迟不去实现我们的梦想,因为我们认为到了“某一天”人生自会允许我们有这样的自由。而实际上,那一刻可能永远不会到来,等待也只会导致更多的等待。回顾我们许多人在全球疫情封锁期间所经历到意外曲折,方蓁的这句智慧名言显得格外清晰有力。经由她的榜样和她的文章,我们感到鼓舞——“如果你相信你可以做点什么,你通常可以!” permission will never come. Waiting will only result in more waiting. Looking back at the unexpected turn that so many of our lives took during the global lockdowns brings into sharp focus the wisdom of Vera’s words. Through her example and her essay, we are encouraged that “If you believe you can do something, you usually can!”

This post was originally published by Women’s Outdoor News.


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