This video is a compilation of video footage of Vera Koo during her professional shooting career. Created by Jenn Kassar, it gives the viewer 5 minutes of action-packed shooting clips of Vera at the range.

Moments with Vera Koo 2 by Jenn Kassar


顧方蓁女士是第一代華裔美國人,集妻子、母親、作家與企業家等角色於一身;退休前,在射擊競技世界中身經百戰。她目前定居美國西海岸,但經常旅行,也嗜愛美食與藝術。她的首部著作《巾幗槍神 世界冠軍之路》回憶錄回顧一生經歷與考驗,筆鋒感情豐沛清晰,內心關照無限自省。 世界冠軍之路》

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Vera’s family immigrated to San Francisco when she was 12 years old. She and her husband, Carlos, have a successful business and are the proud parents of three children, and grandparents to six grandchildren.

除了將一生事蹟集結成回憶錄《巾幗槍神 世界冠軍之路》外,她也在《女性戶外新聞》中闢有專欄。方蓁網誌包羅廣泛,從射擊、旅遊到信仰無所不含。歷往曾在網址刊出之文章,將是她即將出版之第二部著作主要內容。 巾幗槍神 世界冠軍之路》既鼓舞又激勵人心。 she writes her column, 她是一位美籍華裔女性, at Women’s Outdoor News. This blog features content in a wide variety of categories, covering everything from shooting, to travel, and Vera’s faith in God. Vera’s current endeavor is creating her second book, a compilation of these blog posts.


Other Moments

Follow this link to watch other videos that feature champion shooter, Vera Koo. Click 見於在線讀書俱樂部評。 to see the whole video lineup at Vera’s YouTube channel.


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