“Wisdom and Things: Essays from an Unlikely Champion” is a beautiful collection of short stories and lessons by renowned action pistol shooter Vera Koo. Vera shares her messages in a kind, loving manner that inspires and supports us to become a better version of ourselves and to live more meaningful lives. 


‘Wisdom and Things’

While reading “Wisdom and Things,” I felt as if I were sitting with Vera, drinking tea, sharing a heartfelt conversation with a trusted friend who wanted to help make my life easier and more fulfilling with her words. The energy behind her book is total kindness, as she shares her personal struggles and lessons with humble transparency.

Vera shares such valuable tenants of life like how hardships we endure can reveal our greatest opportunities for growth, how important kindness is for our own happiness and to uplift others, and how to create our own reality with positive words, thoughts and imagination. 

While her unyielding determination to accomplish her highest level of action shooting for her own growth is well known, Vera reveals a more vulnerable insight that shooting provided healing during life-numbing difficulties.  Reading Vera’s example of how she alchemized setbacks into greater strengths offers a heroic example of how we can overcome our own traumas. 

We all have and will continue to endure hardships and Vera’s candid sharing of her personal struggles and how she shifted her mindset to learn and grow from them is help we all need. She inspires courage in us by showing that by facing fears you find they aren’t so bad and that it’s OK to get help. 

Sentiments such as “See the donut, not the hole”; “God teaches us lessons amid life’s trials” and “Embrace your true self, don’t hide your tail,” especially stand out. Like a guardian angel, Vera reminds us to follow our hearts so we have no regrets, and to seize the moment, while surrounding ourselves with inspiring people. We will entrain to the positive images we create for ourselves and to the higher vibration of the people around us so we should be deliberate with the stories we tell ourselves and with the people we allow in our presence.

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